Worker and product safety are of paramount importance to warehouse operations. And while your pallet racking system is designed to provide extremely high levels of performance and reliability, even moderate damage from forklift impact could impair its structural integrity. Every year there are numerous events of pallet rack collapse resulting in injuries or death, product damage and loss, as well as interruption to business operations.

To minimize this risk, Stein recommends periodic rack assessments which identify and classify pallet rack damage and structural deficiencies. Based on the assessment report, repairs can be prioritized and scheduled. Our certified technicians will properly repair damaged uprights and beams with minimal disruption to ongoing warehouse operations. Most of the repairs can be done without unloading the product from the pallet racking system.

Maintaining rack integrity should be a critical component of each business’s safety program. Companies trust Stein to protect their businesses from risks associated with pallet rack storage systems damage.

Below is a video showing our crew demonstrating a repair on an upright.



Read more about Rack Repair Guidelines and Procedures, or check out our blog to learn more. Contact us if your racking system has damage and needs assessed or repaired.