Sports Mezzanine

mezzanine is a very convenient way to expand the space in your warehouse. You can add extra office space, storage space, work space, and more, depending on your application. However, when designing a mezzanine, you have to know the rules and regulations to make it as safe as possible. Below, I’ll discuss some important safety tips to keep in mind.

First, you must have fall protection. Guard rail must be of a certain height depending on how you are using the mezzanine, and it must be capable of withstanding a certain amount of force. The guard rail also must be finished correctly so that it doesn’t cut skin or snag clothing. Safety nets can be used as an extra precaution, and to stop objects and inventory from falling on employees below. You are not allowed to have unprotected areas on the mezzanine.


Next, guarding the mezzanine openings. Safety gates are often used for places with a ladder or other loading areas to stop employees from walking into the openings. The safety gates must meet the same strength and attachment requirements as the railings, and openings are never allowed to be unprotected at any time.

The mezzanine floor is a very important component to the system, as it is going to be the floor above and ceiling to the area below. It must allow for the right amount of head room both up and down, and it must meet loading requirements. The load the floor must be able to carry will change depending on how you are using the mezzanine.

Sports Platform

Lastly, the mezzanine must meet the fire code. Before you install any mezzanine in your facility, make sure you know the fire requirements and design accordingly.

This is not a comprehensive list, and there are many other things to keep in mind when designing your mezzanine. You should always check with OSHA and your local building and fire code first to see what is required, and use a qualified engineer to make sure it will work in your facility. If you are interested in increasing space in your warehouse, contact us for the design and installation of your mezzanine.