Safety guidelines are very important for anyone working in a warehouse or around machinery. If they are not followed, there can be serious consequences, both monetary and physical. Here is a list of some of the most common warehouse safety violations to avoid.

  • Forklift Operations: Forklift accidents are the most common safety violation in the warehouse. Employees operating forklifts must be licensed, otherwise, many unfortunate events could happen. Inventory could be loaded incorrectly, causing it to fall off and hit people or damage other items. Collisions with storage equipment, knocking it into people and/or damaging all of the inventory could happen as well. Not to mention the possibility of the driver not paying attention and hitting a fellow employee. All of these accidents could be avoided if the driver were properly trained and licensed.
  • Protective Equipment: This is referring to employee personal equipment, like sturdy or steel toed work boots, a back brace when lifting, and goggles and a hard hat depending on their job. If employees don’t wear the proper equipment at the proper times, they could injure themselves and cost the company money. Even if they think they are experienced and don’t need it, employees should still be wearing safety equipment whenever applicable.
  • Storing Inventory Incorrectly: All warehouse storage racks must be properly installed so that they don’t fail and collapse. Knowing the load ratings is crucial to make sure you are storing the correct loads on the right structures. If you don’t, the rack or shelving could fall, damage inventory, and injure people.
  • Communication Violations: When signs aren’t displayed properly, employees can get hurt. Signs must be posted when there is a danger in the area, whether it be noise related, with machinery, or some other hazard. People must to know if they need to prepare with protective equipment as well in certain areas. If your facility houses hazardous materials or chemicals, these also must be clearly labeled.
  • Fire Safety: Fires are always a possibility in a crowded warehouse, especially if you are storing flammable contents. There must be fire extinguishers in the facility and a fire exit plan. Employees should ideally be trained to use the fire extinguishers in the case of a fire.

Since safety is such a huge part of any warehouse operations, it makes sense that there are so many rules and regulations. These were just a few of the most common violations. If you have any questions about safety or how to make your facility safer, contact us.