I’ve written a few posts about mezzanines, and how helpful they can be to increase storage and work space in your warehouse. There are many important components that make up a successful and safe mezzanine, like stairs, columns, and the height of the structure. I’ll go through those three parts during this post.


We often get a lot of questions that have to do with the stairs on the mezzanine. There are many factors that go into how many stairways are required around the mezzanine. The size of the structure needs to be considered, how it’s being used, the load that will be stored and people that will be on it, and it’s location in your warehouse are all things that could change the amount of stairways necessary. However, a good place to start is that generally when you are on the mezzanine, you shouldn’t be more than 75 feet from a stairway at any point.

Some other common questions are when a landing is required, and how to calculate how much space the stairway will take up. A landing is needed when the mezzanine top deck is over 12 feet. They can also be used at any height if you want to create an L or U shape in the stair design. For the horizontal run of stairway space, OSHA says that it must be equal to the deck height. So, if your mezzanine is 12 feet tall, the horizontal run of the stairs must be 12 feet as well.

Floor/Ceiling Minimum Clear Height:

There must be 7 feet of space minimum underneath the mezzanine, and another 7 feet minimum of space between the floor of the mezzanine to the ceiling of the building.

Column Spacing:

Generally, the most economical option is 20 feet or less of space in between mezzanine columns. Further spaced columns are also utilized, but more steel is needed for support, which will make the price of the mezzanine higher.

Designing a mezzanine for your warehouse is a daunting task, especially with all of these other factors to take into consideration. To make things easier for you, we can take care of the whole process from design to installation. Contact us if you are interested in expanding your vertical space and we can discuss your mezzanine options.