Selective pallet rack is highly customizable, so knowing how to measure the proper beam and upright sizes for your system could help you with some planning in the future. This post might get more technical than others, but the included drawings should make the information more clear.

Pallet Rack Beam Length

Pallet rack beam length is the distance between the uprights, and the beam height is from top to bottom of the front side of the beam (also called the beam face). First, when you are measuring your beams, you measure from upright to upright, without including the connector. To determine how long your beam must be, you have to know the width of your pallets and the amount of pallets per beam. If you are storing two pallets per beam, you would figure out the length by adding the two pallet widths together, and adding a 6” inch clearance between each pallet and the upright. You would also allow a 6” clearance for in between the pallets, to give you the total length your beam should be.

For example, if each pallet is 40” wide, and you are storing 3 pallets per beam, you would add: (40” x 3 for the pallet widths) + (6” x 2 for clearance in between pallets) + (6” x 2 for clearance in between the pallet and the upright) = 144” beam, or 12 foot beam.

Pallet Rack Upright Height

Figuring out the height of your frames is a bit different. In this case, you would take the height of each load, plus a 6” clearance for forklifts to lift the pallets in and out, plus the height of the beam. You would then multiply that by the amount of levels you want.

For example, if your pallets are 38” tall and you are storing 4 levels of pallets, with a beam face of 4”, you would add: (38” for pallet height + 6” for clearance height + 4” for the beam face) x 4 for the amount of levels = 192” tall upright.

Once you get the hang of measuring your beams and uprights to suit your needs, you will be able to more easily customize your pallet rack system and get your money’s worth. You won’t be wasting any space where inventory should be. Contact us for more options and help designing your warehouse.