Modular Office

If your business is growing and the facility needs to expand, modular offices are a very convenient way to do that. They are versatile and offer a lot of benefits when compared to stick built offices. In this post, I’ll go through some facts you might not know about modular buildings.

1. They are super flexible and customizable: Modular offices are easily taken down and reassembled in another location, so after it is built, you can recycle it if you move or need to expand further. In terms of budgets, timeframes, specifications, and location, modular offices are very flexible. You can often choose from a variety of designs to fit your budget, and since they are built off site and then assembled, you don’t have as much downtime to your business operations. You can also customize the design to fit your exact needs.

2. They are quicker to construct: It is faster to construct modular buildings on site because they are already built before hand in the factory. Therefore, there is less obstruction to your facility because the building just has to be put together. There is also the added benefit of less pollution due to cutting onsite since the structure is already formed before. Modular buildings are just as safe as stick built and can meet or exceed the local codes and regulations.

3. They are more efficient: Modular offices are generally built with energy efficient parts. Since they are built in a factory, there is little time waste to your facility and operations. There is also no material waste, since everything is built at another location and you don’t have to cut building materials to size when assembling the structure. Modular buildings can also cut energy costs due to the increased efficiency.

4. Modular buildings have tax benefits: These buildings qualify for a 7 year depreciation period, and conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years.

Modular offices can be a great option to expand your space, and there are many benefits to do so. Contact us if you want to learn more about modular building.