Pallet Rack Footplate

A very important part of your pallet racking system is the footplate. They sit at the base of the columns and serve as anchors to give more stability to the rack. Bolts are inserted through the footplate to attach the column to the floor. There are a few situations where you would need a larger than normal footplate, so it is good to know in case your warehouse application qualifies.

Since the footplate stabilizes the pallet rack in the first place, it stands to reason that a larger footplate would offer more stability. A major reason to use a bigger footplate is in seismic applications. In certain geographical locations there could be more movement so a larger footplate would support your system and is often required to get a permit. In these cases the footplate would have to be welded to the column instead of bolted.

Pallet Rack Footplate Types

The footplate size can depend of the ground rating as well. If the slab that the pallet rack is sitting on is not to a certain thickness and/or rating, the footplate must be larger to support the pallet racking. If there is reinforcement on the upright (two columns put together), the footplate would need to be larger.

In general, a larger footplate provides more stability and support and increases the capacity of the pallet rack. In certain seismic situations, it is simply much safer and it’s often required to have a bigger footplate. If you have questions about pallet rack and components, or permitting or warehouse designcontact us.