Pallet Stop

Selective pallet rack provides storage for many different warehouses and facilities, and there are always ways to make it safer. Pallet stops are an accessory that protect your pallets from danger and damage. There are a few different kinds, which I will explain in this post.

First of all, pallet stops are used as a brake, so that your forklift driver knows where to stop when putting the pallets into place. Pallet stops are also used to prevent pallets from being pushed off the rack or pushed in too far and damaging other pallets. They help the pallets sit on the beams squarely. If you have back to back pallet rack, they are used to stop the pallet on one row from hitting the pallet in the row behind. Often pallet stops are required by insurance companies and fire code if you have back to back pallet rack. In this case, it keeps the pallets from closing the flue space in between the rack.

Pallet Stop

There are a few different options when choosing pallet stops for your application. It can be a free standing structure that is attached to the uprights, with two brackets and some type of beam in between. This type would require additional install.

Another type is to have the stop already integrated as a part of the pallet rack beam itself. This would not require extra install work, so it would be less expensive on the installation side of things.

A different possibility is to have the pallet stop clipped into your wire decking. In this case, the stop would be made out of the same wire and would be used more as a guide to tell you when you have placed the pallet in the right position. For instance, it is similar to having a tennis ball hanging in your garage to tell you when to stop your car. This kind of pallet stop wouldn’t be used to prevent the pallet from falling off the pallet rack or hitting other pallets, however.

Pallet stops are an extra feature that would make your pallet racking that much safer. Remember, protecting your pallets from damage ultimately saves you money!

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