Crossbars Wire

Selective pallet rack is a popular method of storage for warehouses and other facilities that store inventory. While the beams in your system work hard to support your pallets, it’s usually best to have pallet supports in place as well. But should you choose crossbar or wire decking supports?

Both options are a good safety measure to prevent items or whole pallets from falling between the beams, causing a loss of inventory and money. They help with extra support for the pallet. Crossbars are the simplest choice if you don’t have any loose items to store. They typically consist of two bars per pallet position, and they sit on or in the pallet rack beams to hold the pallet. Crossbars are also used to stop the beams from spreading over time. While crossbar supports are better than no support at all, they can still allow smaller pieces to fall through.

Warehouse Wire Decking

Wire decking provides more support than just crossbars, and is preferred over particle board or steel shelf panels because of its open nature and because it meets the fire code requirements for high piled storage. Usually you would use one wire deck per pallet position. They are also very simple to install and allow more visibility through all the levels. Wire decks are pretty versatile, and are capable of storing palletized and non-palletized items. For example, we use them with our rivet shelving as well as selective pallet rack. While wire decking is more expensive than just crossbars, they are more flexible and more commonly used.

To further secure your inventory on selective pallet rack, pallet supports should be utilized. Whether you choose crossbars or wire decking is up to you. If you need help deciding, give us a call and we would be glad to give you more information and evaluate your individual needs.