If you have a large amount of forklift traffic in your warehouse, you might want to think about pallet rack protectors. You paid good money for your system, so having to stop warehouse activity to replace or repair damaged rack is probably not what you want to be doing. There are a few options for column protection and general pallet rack protection.

There are three different types of column protectors that you could use in your warehouse:

  • Bolts to the column: this type is the cheapest, and it is attached to the actual column.

Pallet Rack Bolted to the Column

  • Bolts to the floor: this would be the most expensive to install, but protects more from forklift damage than directly bolting to the column. Since it isn’t attached, if it gets hit hard there is less of a chance of the column suffering damage as well.

Pallet Rack Bolted to the Floor

  • Plastic, air filled: these attach to the column as well, but absorb the impact if they were to be hit by a forklift. These are the easiest and least expensive to install.

Pallet Rack Plastic Air Filled

In terms of other types of protection, there are options like guard rail and guide rail. Guard rail would be used to protect expensive equipment from collision, and to protect areas where the employees are. You could also use them along your rack for extra protection and at the ends of rows. Since they are usually bright, there is the added bonus of making them more visible to the forklift drivers, which is safer. Guide rails are much shorter and placed on the edge of the pallet rack on the floor. They are used to “guide” forklifts and machinery around your rack.

Pallet Rack Guard Rail

Guard Rail

Installing any of these protections will reduce warehouse downtime, and boost productivity since there will be less damage. Your pallet racking system will last longer and be more efficient. Contact us for more information on pallet rack protection and safety.