San Diego Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a fun summer holiday celebrating the birthday of the United States. Since many people gather together for the festivities, safety is very important. Here are a few safety tips for activities closely associated with the Fourth of July.

  • Fireworks Safety
    • If possible, go to a professional fireworks show
    • If you are doing them yourself, always follow the directions
    • Never point fireworks at people
    • Always keep water close by just in case it is needed
    • Light the fireworks in a dry and fire resistant area
    • Light fireworks one at a time
    • Keep pets inside, as they can get spooked by the noise and run away
  • Water Safety
    • Don’t drink alcohol and drive a boat
    • Always have enough life preservers for people if on a boat
    • Keep a close eye on children
    • Keep track of the local weather conditions
    • Don’t swim alone
  • Grilling Safety
    • Don’t grill indoors
    • Supervise the lit grill at all times
    • Keep the grill a safe distance from things that can catch fire
    • Follow the grill instructions
    • Use long handled cooking tools to avoid burns

If you follow these tips and use your common sense this weekend, you should have a great holiday. Everyone enjoy the long weekend!