A large auto parts company was running out of space in their distribution center. Moving wasn’t an option. They needed a turnkey supplier of the mezzaninewarehouse shelving, installation, permits, and project management. We were tasked with designing, supplying and installing a 12,000 square foot mezzanine over existing conveyor and packaging area without impeding on the work space or interruption to employees.

The project needed to be completed in a strict two month timeframe. We were awarded the project as other bidders did not have a GC license, could not pull warehouse permits and because of our expertise with similar projects


The mezzanine was designed with 40’ spans to straddle the work area.They wanted to get as close to the dock area as possible without the columns impeding the lift truck aisles as they load trucks.To solve this, we cantilevered over the dock area eliminating columns in the truck lanes.


It was determined that concrete footers would have to be poured to support the load of the mezzanine.This was due to the large 40’ spans needed with a greater psf rating.We worked with our professional engineer, who approved the mezzanine design, to determine the footers needed to support the load.We coordinated with the concrete company during installation to be sure they were properly located.

Because of the short time frame required for install, an expedited permit review was scheduled with the city.The team of contractors assembled early one morning in the permit office for each portion of the project to be reviewed and approved by all departments.We acted as General Contractor and flew in our PE from out of state to assist with any design changes during review.

With the permit in-hand, we expedited shipment so we could start installing within 6 weeks.Because we could not interfere with workflow, all installation had to be completed during third shift and weekends.In addition, we had to maneuver heavy 40’ long support beams over the work area and conveyors.

Once the mezzanine was constructed, we assembled 767 units of warehouse shelving on top of the mezzanine.