Project: High-Density Storage System for Lumber Products
Products:  1100 Feet of Double-Sided Cantilever Rack
Location:  Greensboro, NC


Material Handling for Wood Storage

A North Carolina Building Material Distributor stocks a large variety of different size and species of wood products which are currently stored in multiple stacks.  This created difficulties storing, locating and picking specific products.  The product was being sold using a Last In, First Out (LIFO) instead of First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory management system subjecting material to aging and deterioration. The customer was looking to redesign and improve operational efficiency and inventory management of their lumber storage area. The customer required a comprehensive plan including layout drawings for a storage system that would optimize the facility’s allocated space, organize and expand their inventory, and enable order fulfillment using a FIFO system.


Stein recommended a cantilever racking system to accommodate the long lengths and variety of wood product allowing the necessary storage and weight capacity as well as the required flexibility. Cantilever rack allows for unobstructed access to manage high-density loads of varying size and proportions.  Stein designed the layout that included 244 double sided cantilever uprights and 2,440 inclined arms. Stein was given the responsibility to manage the entire project which included delivery logistics (6 truckloads of cantilever racking), laying out the job site in the most efficient manner, and managing the cantilever installation – with minimal impact to on-going business operations.


The cantilever rack system has allowed the customer to significantly improve warehouse efficiency.  Products can be picked without having to remove the material above it.  This Distributor has been able to incorporate a FIFO inventory system insuring delivery of quality products to their customers. Incorporating designated areas for like products makes it easier for warehouse workers to find, pull, and load trucks promptly. The improvement in efficiency and inventory management has improved customer service and provided substantial bottom line savings. The customer was so satisfied with the result that they requested additional areas be fitted with cantilever rack.