Due to ongoing construction/expansion, this large utility company needed to consolidate three existing warehouses into one new warehouse. The challenge was to fit the existing 35,000 total sq. ft. of materials into a new warehouse that was to be only 32,000 sq. ft., while still allowing room for growth.

The existing warehouses consisted of the following:

  • One 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 12’ tall pallet rack providing storage for 1500 pallets, approximately 300 sections of standard light duty warehouse shelving, and a few Stanley Vidmar Modular Drawer cabinets.
  • One 8,000 sq. ft. parts room with 214 sections of standard light duty warehouse shelving.
  • One 5,000 sq. ft. parts room with 95 sections of standard light duty warehouse shelving.


Stein Service & Supply made several site visits and took a detailed inventory of all existing storage equipment and provided several preliminary layouts for the new warehouse design.

We determined that by taking advantage of the higher ceilings in the new warehouse, we could install new pallet rack that was nearly twice as tall as their existing pallet rack. We also determined that nearly half of all small parts currently being stored in the light duty shelving units could be stored in modular drawer cabinets. This would save a great deal of floor space, as a modular drawer cabinet can often store as many small parts as 2-3 typical shelving units.

Finally, due the higher ceiling height in the new warehouse, we could provide free standing mezzanines to house all of the modular storage cabinets and shelving units, which would all for twice the amount of storage of small parts in the same footprint.

Utility Warehouse Design

The biggest challenge was that the company did not break ground on the new warehouse until late 2106, but they needed to be operational in the new warehouse by July of 2017. We placed the order for all materials in December of 2016, and coordinated the delivery of all materials to correspond with the builder’s anticipated time frame. We began installing the 2 freestanding mezzanines in early April, as soon as the concrete floor of the warehouse was fully cured. At that time, the roof of the building was not completely installed and there was no power to the facility!

We continued the installation of the pallet rackcantilever rackshelving units, Vidmars, and other miscellaneous equipment for the next 3 months. Due the expedited construction schedule, we often worked in the same area as several other contractors, such as electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, drywall, concrete and roofing contractors.

Our installation of all warehouse equipment in the was completed and approved by the company on July 12, 2017.

New Equipment Provided and Installed:

  • One Free- standing Mezzanine 3420 sq. ft., and (1) Free-standing mezzanine 2304 sq. ft.
    Both mezzanines have a 12’ top of deck height and 10’ clear height under the mezzanine.
    Both have handrail on all sides and a Corral Gate to allow for parts to be moved to the upper level via forklift.
  • 196 Bays of Selective Pallet Rack 42” deep x 20’ tall, providing storage for 2270 pallets
  • 477 Units of Penco Shelving with 8 shelves per unit for storage of medium size hand-pick items.
  • 180 Stanley Vidmar Modular Storage Cabinets for small parts storage
  • 150 Lineal Feet of 8’ tall, double-sided cantilever rack for storage of piping and round stock
  • 20 Lineal Feet of 16’ tall, single-sided cantilever rack for storage of heavy round stock