Applying for a pallet racking permit (high piled storage) can be long and complicated, and varies from municipality to municipality. This post will go through the items that you need in order to successfully apply. Definitely check out our previous blog post of the series, “High Piled Storage: Do You Need a Permit?” if you haven’t read it yet to get some background on the process.

There are often many steps to be taken when requesting a permit. Different documents are required, as well as drawings, site visits, calculations, and more. All of these need to be approved by the city or county that your facility is in, and by both the Fire Department and the Building Department. In addition to having your pallet racking plan approved, your building must be approved as well, and must have all of the appropriate safety features, such as an up to date sprinkler system, safety lighting, and fire exits, to name a few. If the construction cost gets greater than a certain amount, you need to have a General Contractors license, or be working with a company that does.

Warehouse Design Drawing

While in some counties you just need to submit the application, structural drawings, and seismic calculations, in others there is much more required. Here is an example of everything you would need to obtain a permit in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, where we are located:

  • Full sealed plans submitted, which includes
    • Permit Application
    • Building Code Summary (Appendix B) filled out for your facility and system
    • List of commodities and how they are stored
    • Sprinkler Drawings
    • Hydraulic Design Criteria
    • Drawings showing anchors with details and/or calculations
    • Egress/floor plans showing racking layout, exits, and directional signage

Once all of these items are accounted for and approved, you will be issued your high piled storage permit. Be sure to check your city or county’s website for the exact requirements in your area. If you have any questions about permitting or need help with the process, contact us.