Used pallet rack can be a great option for your warehouse storage. There are advantages and disadvantages as I discussed in the previous used rack post. In this one, I’ll discuss some tips for buying used rack and if you can get a permit.

First, used pallet rack is not necessarily cheaper than new, simply because there can be less options. If you have a large amount or specific type of rack in mind, you may not be able to find it in a dealer’s used inventory. Or, they may have the style and size that you want, but less than you need. However, if you are flexible, it’s possible that the used pallet rack would be cheaper than new rack.

If you are planning on buying used pallet rack, you should go to a reputable dealer. Pallet rack and warehouse safety is the most important thing to focus on. Definitely inspect the rack in person if possible to check for damage and to make sure it is as advertised. If a beam or upright has visible damage, it is probably not going to be safe to store your inventory on it.

Now, permitting is required when you are installing new pallet rack of a certain size, but many people don’t know if they can get their used pallet rack permitted as well. In the case of used racking, you can get a permit, but it will be a more complicated process.

One of the critical parts of the permit application is the PE Stamped structural drawings and seismic calculations. In order for the engineer to do the calculations and stamp the drawings with confidence, he or she must know the specifications of the racking involved. With new rack or easily identifiable used rack, this process is relatively easy because the information is available directly from the manufacturer. But with some used rack, this can be very difficult unless the rack is stamped with the manufacturer’s model numbers on each component. A significant portion of the used rack in the market does not have any identifying marks, and therefore it is nearly impossible to know the exact specifications. This is important to consider if you are thinking about purchasing used pallet rack.

In some applications, used pallet rack would be a great option to store your inventory. You just need to make sure you know the advantages and disadvantages that come with buying anything other than new rack. Contact us to see what we have in our used inventory.