Pallet racks are the default storage system to maximize warehouse space.  Pallet rack versatility and strength allow storage of inventory of virtually any dimension and weight.  There are a variety of pallet rack systems which can be custom designed to match your mix of products and operational processes. Consulting with our professional design specialist will insure you select the optimal system to maximize operational efficiency and warehouse safety.

Used Pallet Racking Considerations

Depending on the pallet rack system selected you may have the option of purchasing used equipment to meet your needs. Used pallet racks may save as much as 50% vs new.  The challenge is finding the right equipment that meets your design specifications, capacity, and quantity.  Selective racks and Cantilever racks are typically readily available while custom systems such as Structural, Push Back Rack, Drive-in Rack, and Carton Flow Rack are less likely to be on the market or may not meet your size requirements.  The following are some guidelines and recommendations when considering used rack equipment.

Size and Capacity
Be sure the storage system (which includes the combination of the components as well as beam heights) meets your weight capacity requirements.  Often the weight capacity specifications are not marked on the components and will require investigation to insure they are adequate to handle your material. Often times with used pallet racking, you will only be able to come up with a good guess on the capacity of the system, so if you go forward, always make sure that you obtain racking with much more capacity than you need.

Closely inspect all pallet rack components before purchasing.  Forklift impact is common to uprights and beams and jeopardize the integrity and weight capacity of the system.  Reject any uprights or beams that damaged and need to be repaired.  Also inspect foot plates making sure they remain are solidly welded or bolted in place.  Used equipment is sold ‘as is’ so be sure you inspect your purchase and deal with a reputable supplier.

Future Growth
Check the equipment brand, if possible, and the upright hole punch.  Purchasing equipment with common hole punch design, such as teardrop, makes it easy to build onto the pallet racking system in the future. A unique or rare punch will make it harder to expand or rearrange to meet your future needs.

Professional Installation
Hiring professionals to install your used pallet racking will insure it is properly set and secured in your facility.  The installers should also inspect each component for damage that may have been missed on the original inspection.  Pallet rack safety must be a critical consideration in warehouse construction and operation.

Benefits of Used Pallet Racking

Lower Cost
New pallet racking can be rather expensive. This may be a difficult pill to swallow for companies interested in these systems in order to cut their rising operational costs. Used pallet racking can offer the same cost-effective benefits for a fraction of the price. Instead of investing more money into inefficient operation, companies should focus on designing a more efficient system. Used pallet racking can be a great way to accomplish these goals.

Used pallet racking systems are one of the most effective and affordable ways to manage and organize inventory. Companies can choose from a host of different styles and functionalities that offer unique benefits and advantages. Pallet racking systems are designed to last through years of use. Even after a significant amount of use, these systems will operate like new.

Increased Profits
With a decrease in storing and handling costs, companies can improve their operational profits. Used pallet racking doesn’t require a significant amount of maintenance. In fact, these systems are quite simple to handle, construct, disassemble, and move. Even used models have a long economic life. These systems represent a low-cost investment that will yield an increase in profits in the future.

Used equipment typically sells quickly so you will need to be ready to buy when you find a system that meets your requirements.  If your need is not immediate, contact us and provide a list of the items you need.  That way you can be first in line when the right equipment becomes available.

If you’re looking for a used pallet system at an affordable price or more information, contact us.