Pallet Rack Repair

Damage to your rack can be dangerous and costly to your business, and unfortunately, occurs all too often. Forklift accidents happen, and even when the damage doesn't look very bad, you never know how it will affect your equipment. If your rack were to collapse, the cost of clean-up and repair could be more than you paid for the rack system in the first place. It could also lead to injury or death, lost and damaged product, loss of business, and interruption to operations.

Luckily, our installation crew has extensive experience with pallet rack repair kits. Most of the time, the damage is at lower levels, so we can repair damaged uprights without the hassle of unloading your rack and disrupting operations. At Stein, we understand your equipment and will repair it timely and correctly the first time for the least amount of inconvenience to your warehouse. Below is a video of our crew demonstrating a typical rack repair kit.

Read more about Rack Repair Guidelines and Procedures, or check out our blog to learn more. Contact us if you need your rack looked at and repaired.


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