High piled storage permits are important for your facility to comply with the local codes. However, depending on the warehouse location, the fire code and building requirements can vary dramatically. As part of our services with the design and installation of our storage systems, we have the ability to assist in all aspects of the permitting process. Especially in Mecklenburg County, permitting can be a time consuming and involved procedure, with strict regulations. When permitting a warehouse, two entities need to be satisfied: the Building Department and the Fire Department. Our team can handle everything for you – including providing stamped structural drawings, coordinating site visits with a GC, and handling your permit application, review, and inspections. Stein Service & Supply is a licensed general contractor in North and South Carolina, which is required to handle permitting projects of a certain size.

Check out our full permitting guide, or our blog to learn more. Contact us for more information on how we can help take care of the permitting process for you.

Important Permitting Resources and Information:


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