Pallet Rack Deer Stand

The start of deer hunting season is rapidly approaching and we have been hearing about some different ways to use selective pallet rack. Recently, a customer purchased some of our used pallet rack and said he was using it for hunting, specifically, to make a deer stand. I decided it would be a good idea to write a post about how to use pallet rack for hunting purposes.

Building the Deer Stand

Selective pallet rack is versatile and strong, so it can be used in many different capacities. It is able to support a “clubhouse” of sorts, by building a structure on the rack with wood or other materials. Since pallet rack is made to be used vertically, there is plenty of space to be utilized depending on how high you want your stand to go.

Most people wrap the rack in some sort of tarp or other material to keep the weather out, and to camouflage the stand. Cutting out windows from whatever material you use would allow you to see out and hunt from the pallet rack stand. If you use wood for the decking, you would want to keep that dry with a tarp or cover so that it would last longer. It can support chairs and other furniture to make the space more comfortable as well.

Finished Deer Stand

Pallet Rack Deer BlindPallet rack is generally quick and simple to assemble, and lays flat in a truck or van to transport easily. It would be a good candidate if you are wondering what material you should build your deer stand with. Pallet rack is made of metal and is pretty long lasting too, so you can make use of it over many different seasons.

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