Time to move on to part three of our locker post series. Just like the different types and styles of lockers, you have many options to choose from when you think about locker accessories. There are locker room benches, different pedestals, tops, bases, ventilation options, and fillers available.

Warehouse Lockers

First, benches and pedestals. We all remember our high school gym classes, with the locker rooms full of complaining kids. Locker benches are most common in locker rooms, for ease of changing clothes and shoes. They also add comfort and order to the design. The benches can be anchored to the floor or free standing, and the type of pedestal you get will depend on if you want the bench anchored or not. The benches are usually wood and finished with a clear lacquer, and the pedestals are usually made of steel.

Warehouse Tables

Next up, locker tops. Slope tops are used to prevent dust build up on top of the lockers. They are also used to stop the locker top from being used as an extra storage space. You can get slope tops by the unit, in kits (of 3 or more), or as a continuous unit.

Warehouse Locker Tops

Locker bases are similarly used as tops, but prevent dust and debris from accumulating underneath the lockers. They can be bought separately to fit between the individual legs, or bought as a base that the lockers sit upon. These bases make the lockers look more finished and professional.

Warehouse Locker Bases

All lockers have some sort of ventilation option. These can range from no ventilation, to full louvers. There are different patterns, like diamond shaped and mini louvers. Depending on the amount of ventilation, it can change the style or application of the locker. For instance, a normal locker with full diamond shaped ventilation on the sides could be used as an athletic locker due to the extra airflow.

Warehouse Locker Types

Lastly, there are fillers. Fillers can be used to cover columns, pipes, or other obstacles that come up in a line of lockers. They can fill the gap between the locker and wall to create a seamless look if it doesn’t fit. Fillers basically make the locker row look more finished.

Since there are so many accessories that can come with lockers, and many colors you can use, lockers are one of the most customizable product in our industry. Contact us to discuss your options if you want to use lockers in your facility.