Forklift and truck accidents, earthquakes, fires, flood, overloading, misloading — there are a lot of ways that warehouse shelving can be damaged. Say that a fork lift has struck a rack. There’s only

Warehouse Pallet Repair

a scratch and a small dent, but is there hidden damage, or a problem that could become much bigger over time? It’s time to call in a professional.

Ignoring the problem is not an option, as even minor damage on a pallet rack beam or column can cause misalignment, which causes extra stress on the damaged component, which causes greater misalignment, and so on in a feedback loop until catastrophe results with potential damage to inventory, other pallet racks, and even personnel.

Assess the Rack Problem & Implement the Solution

Warehouse Pallet Repair

The pallet rack repair or replacement process begins with engaging the services of a qualified professional such as Stein Service & Supply can inspect the damage and determine whether a rack repair kit can be used or rack replacement is necessary.

As a licensed general contractor, we can provide the warehouse permitting requirements in North and South Carolina that may needed for repair and replacement. Our repair crews have extensive experience with repair kits and can implement repairs with a minimum of hassle to your operation.

Contact us if you need a damaged pallet rack repaired or replaced.