Warehouse Wire Decking

We often get questions from people who aren’t sure what size wire decks goes with their pallet rack. Since wire decks are a very common and important component of pallet racking, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the sizes and how to measure it.


To figure out how deep your wire deck needs to be, you just need to know what the depth of your upright is. Even though the wire deck will need to be slightly bigger than the upright to fit on the beams, wire deck manufacturers use the upright depth as the measurement.


If you have a 96” beam, you will be able to fit two wire decks in that space, so many people think you just have to divide by two to get the width of the deck. However, instead of a 48” wire deck, you really need a 46” depth so that you have space for them on the beams. A good rule of thumb is to take the beam size and divide by two, than subtract two. This is true for common beam sizes. If you have a beam that is different than what is usually stocked by dealers, you might have to measure differently to figure out the best sizes for your decks.

So, for instance, if your upright is 42” deep and your beams are 96” long, you would use a 42” x 46” wire deck. The first number corresponds with the upright size, the second, with the beam size.

If you aren’t sure wire deck would be best with your pallet rack, contact us and we can help you find the best size for your application.