When considering pallet racking for a shop or warehouse, you may find various secondhand or used pallet racks are available for purchase at a cheaper price than new racks provided by pallet rack installation companies. Like with any product that had already been put to use, secondhand pallet racks are likely to be worn – but they can be as usable and safe as newly manufactured products. Here are a few things to think about when considering used pallet racks:

Used Pallet RackingWarehouse/Usage Requirements

If you’re in need of only a few pallet racks for a small shop or warehouse, used pallet racks are often an ideal choice. For larger warehouse projects, where permitting is required, used pallet racks may not be the best choice. Often times it can be difficult to get manufacturer specifications for used pallet racks because many don’t have any markings or the manufacturer has gone out of business. You can’t be sure that it meets code requirements or RMI standards so engineers may not be willing to sign drawings them either.

New vs. Used Cost Comparison

Don’t assume that used pallet racks are always cheaper than new pallet racks. While some used pallet racks sell for 30-50% off the new price, many sellers of used pallet racks price them nearly as much as new racks. Used racks are not typically packaged as well, so they’re more costly more to ship. They are also harder to handle so most pallet rack installers tend to charge more for installing used rack vs. new. When a customer requests a quote for used pallet racks, we typically provide them with new pricing as well. This way they have a basis for comparison.

Availability of Used Pallet Racks

When purchasing used pallet racks, make certain that the pallet rack dealer has the product on hand. Many times dealers will take orders for a project without having any used pallet racks available. Don’t find yourself without the supplies your pallet rack installer needs on installation day.

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