Sam, a resident of a Charlotte, N.C. apartment complex, identified a fellow lugging trash bags down the hall every evening during trash service. You could hear him struggle as he pulled each individual bag, hefted it onto his shoulder and walked down the hall to the larger trash receptacle.

Sam learned that this fellow was the janitor for the building, who was responsible for collecting every trash bag across the heavily populated apartment complex. When Sam asked him if he was able to get him something that allowed him to consolidate the bags to make his life a lot easier, the janitor’s eyes lit up.

Sam contacted Toter Tilt Truck, and they donated a tilt truck, which is perfect for moving large, heavy waste to its final disposal area.

Toter Truck

With the Toter tilt truck, the janitor’s productivity has increased with quicker trips to and from the waste receptacle and less strain on his back.

How a Toter Tilt Truck Improved a Janitors Job

Sam tells us that the janitor cannot get the grin off his face now, and Sam gets a real sense of satisfaction when he hears the Toter tilt truck rolling down the hall each evening. Not only did Toter help this janitor by eliminating manual lifting and dumping, Toter also helped his employer at the same time by reducing the potential for workplace injuries and the associated claims costs.