Learn Common Terms Used for Components of a Pallet Rack SystemWe get a lot of calls from people inquiring about warehouse material handling equipment using very different terminology to ask about the same type of product. In the material handling industry, there are many words and terms used for one specific product. Let’s go over a few common warehouse terms for components of a pallet rack system, what they mean, and their alternative names. Here is a list of familiar terms that you might use when it comes to pallet racking along with their other common names:


The space in between the rows of pallet rack used for pedestrian and forklift traffic.
Common Name: Isle (we all wish we were on an isle instead of in an aisle)

Pallet Rack Anchors


Different types of anchors used to secure pallet rack columns to the floor.
Common Names: Floor Bolts, Lags, Wedge Anchors, Concrete Anchors, Strike Anchors


A unit of pallet rack that consists of two uprights, and the beams in between.
Common Names: Unit, Section


The horizontal bar installed into slots in the upright that holds up the pallets.
Commons Names: Rail, horizontal, cross member, stick

Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Column Protectors

A product that blocks the upright from getting hit and damaged by forklifts.
Common Names: Rack protector, Post Protector, Boots, Protector, Guard

Cross Aisle Tie

A cross aisle tie ties two frames together at the top which extend across the aisle.
Common Names: Over Aisle Tie, Top tie

Offset Backstop Beam

A beam installed to prevent a pallet from falling off the back of the rack.
Common Names: Load Stop, Back Stop, Pallet Stop

Rack Guard Ends

Rack Guard Ends

Rack protectors are used to protect the rack uprights from being hit by forklift traffic.
Common Names: End Protectors, Post Protectors, Upright Protectors, Guard Rail

Row Spacer

A row spacer is used to space pallet rack that is placed back to back.
Common Name: Back to Back Spacer

Pallet Rack Drop PinDrop Pin

A drop pin is a component that keeps pallet rack beams engaged in the upright frame column when the integral locking device has been lost or damaged.
Common Names: Safety Clip, J bolt, Beam Clips, Pallet Rack Clips, Gravity Pin


Two posts and bracing that stand vertically and attach to the beams and the floor.
Common Names: Frame, Vertical, Standard, Column, Mono Post

Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Wire Decks

Pallet supports that sit between the beams, consisting of steel bars and steel wire.
Common Names: Grids, Grates, Wire Rack, Baskets

Wall Tie

A wall tie is used if you have a single row of pallet racking against a wall.
Common Names: Row to Wall Spacer, Brackets

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