Meet Our Team

Steve Stein

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, Steve's father owned a shelving distributorship, so he literally grew up in the business. He installed shelving, lockers and pallet rack from about age twelve through college. After college at the University of Cincinnati, he went to work for a large engineering and construction company. He worked there for over six years in various roles in Cincinnati, Bangkok, and Greenville, SC. In 1997, Steve decided to start his own business, Stein Service & Supply, in Charlotte, NC. Outside of work, he enjoys golf, tennis, the (very) occasional run, and beating his kids (at sports and games, not physically). His personal hero is the fictional character of Ron Swanson, which he brings up often, and he is most proud of the fact that he does not have a Facebook.

Kristen Sutherland

Kristen began her material handling career over twenty years ago when she was lured by all the glitz and glamour of the industry. After spending several years as an allied specialist for a forklift dealer, she joined Stein in 2001 as Sales Territory Manager. Steve Stein remembers this time as “the worst time in the economy to hire personnel”, but Kristen insisted she would be an asset to the company and Steve finally relented. In 2005, Kristen was promoted to Operations and Inside Sales Manager so Steve would have more time to improve his golf game. By 2014, Kristen was ready for a life change and moved to Greensboro, NC where she now manages new outside business development. Outside of work, Kristen loves music, going to the gym, and lake weekends.

Todd McGee

Todd started in the material handling industry in 1996. He has worked in sales and systems design, and also has installation experience. He started with Stein in January of 2009. Todd is very detail oriented, so he enjoys being in the field collecting data and creating CAD drawings for projects. He also appreciates the installation aspect of the job, as it allows him to see a project that was once only on paper becoming a reality. Speaking of paper, Todd prints everything and stores it all in his house, which has to be a fire hazard. Outside of work, Todd likes spending time with his son and fishing, and he is obsessed with fantasy football.

Bryan Hylton

Bryan started working at Stein in the fall of 2015 as our Warehouse Manager. He is originally from Beckley, West Virginia. He has two children, a son, who will be starting at West Virginia University in August of 2016, and a daughter. He enjoys golf and spending as much time with his kids as possible. On any given day, you will probably be able to find him at Mac’s Speed Shop.

Jessica Vanderlaan

Jessica began her position at Stein in 2014. She has many years of experience in both banking and public tax accounting, which work well for her current role of Accounting and Human Resources. Fun fact: Jessica framed and kept the first tax return that she ever filed. Although born and raised in Washington, Jessica went to Calvin College in Michigan and is an avid Michigan Wolverine fan. She and her husband most recently added a puppy to fill the empty nest left behind by her two children currently away in college. They love hiking, exploring local restaurants, and sailing.

Stephanie Case

Stephanie started working at Stein in June of 2016. Her role includes managing the current shipments and orders. Prior to accepting a position at Stein, she worked as a bartender and for a logistics company. Stephanie still keeps up with bartending every so often. When she isn’t working, she loves to cook and has attempted to garden several times without success. She also drinks a ton of coffee and is always energized.

Cindy Weaver

Cindy started working at Stein in December of 2016. Her role at Stein is Inside Sales and Customer Service. She previously worked as Customer Service Manager for a fire extinguisher manufacturer, and has over 20 years of experience in Customer Service. She lives in Kings Mountain with her English Bull Dog, ironically named “Kitty”. Cindy is addicted to Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee!!


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