Toter Carts & Trucks

Stein Service & Supply offers Toter Carts and Trucks for your waste needs. We have a variety of lines and types that are available.

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Universal Tilt Trucks

  • Toter's Rugged Rim construction for superior durability
  • Standard fork pockets for automaton
  • Quick disconnect wheels for easy cleaning
  • Powder-coated frames prevent rusting and flaking
  • Compatible with automated and manual transportation systems
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Caster Carts

  • Safely roll heavy loads without tilting
  • Rugged design resists cracking, corrosion, and bending
  • May be used with manual and automatic lifting systems
  • Two large wheels and two swivel casters provide maximum maneuverability up and down stairways and over thresholds
  • Attached lids can't be lost or stolen
  • Plastic liners available
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Two Wheel Carts

  • Stack or nest for efficient storage
  • Rugged design resists cracking, corrosion, and bending
  • Molded in handle allows for easy maneuverability
  • Attached lids can't be lost or stolen
  • May be used with manual and automatic lifting systems
  • Plastic liners available
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Confidential Document Carts

  • Designed specifically for use in the document management industry
  • Safely store documents before shredding
  • Rugged caster cart includes locking lid with paper slot
  • Meets HIPAA regulations safe-guarding personal health information
  • Compatible with on-site shredding vehicle lifting devices
  • Advanced Rotationally Molded for superior durability
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Medical Waste Carts

  • Features a secure, self-latching lid
  • Complies with medical waste handling government regulations
  • Advanced Rotationally Molded for superior durability
  • Available in two-wheeled or caster cart versions
  • Available in 64 or 96 gallons

Organics Containers

  • Advanced Rotational Molding for maximum durability
  • Available in a variety of styles including stationary, two wheel, and caster
  • Nestable for easy, convenient storage
  • Multiple lid options to reduce spillage and contamination
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Universal Mobile Trucks

  • Rugged Rim construction for increased durability
  • Lighter and more cost effective than steel
  • Compatible with automated unloading systems
  • Fork pockets for easy transportation
  • 5" polyurethane casters (one directional lock, three swivel)
  • Volume of 1 Cu. Yard
  • Load rating of 1,000 pounds
  • Available in red or gray
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Cube Trucks

  • Rugged Rim technology for increased durability
  • Available in 16 and 20 cubic feet
  • Load ratings up to 800 lbs
  • Equipped with standard forklift pockets
  • Powder-coated frames reduce corrosion, prevent flaking, and ensure long service life
  • Simple to maneuver, even when completely full
  • Removable split lids available
  • Available in blue or gray
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Slimline Square Containers

  • Industry's most durable construction resists cracking, bending, and breaking
  • Patented Rugged Rim ensures a long, functional life in critical wear areas
  • Finger grip recess on bottom on container allows for easier, safer handling, and polybag removal
  • Wire Bag Holders ship standard with all containers (installation required)
  • Available in Graystone only
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Decorative Dome Top Litter Container (45 gal)

  • Less expansive than traditional decorative litter containers
  • Attractive Graystone or Sandstone granite color looks like natural stone
  • Base can be weighted to deter theft and increase stability
  • Available in Graystone and Sandstone only


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