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Toter Tilt Truck
How a Toter Tilt Truck Made a Difference For A Janitor In Need

Sam, a resident of a Charlotte, N.C. apartment complex, identified a fellow lugging trash bags down the hall every evening during trash service. You could hear him struggle as he pulled each individual bag, hefted it onto his shoulder and walked down the hall to the larger trash receptacle.

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Is it Important for Forklift Drivers to be Certified?

If you run a warehouse, it is almost a guarantee that there will be forklifts in use to pick your product. We all try to keep processes as safe as possible, but one area that is often overlooked is forklift training. Do your drivers need to be certified to operate a forklift?

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Keg Flow
What is Keg Flow Pallet Rack?

If you are a distributor that stores kegs in your warehouse, keg flow pallet rack should interest you. With the craft beer industry exploding across the US, many companies are manufacturing a specific form of pallet rack to meet those storage needs. Read on to find out if you should install keg flow rack in your warehouse.

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Different Prices per Pallet Position for Different Types of Rack

There are many different types of pallet rack, and they all serve unique functions. It stands to reason, then, that there will be differences in pricing. In this post, I’ll go through a rough estimate of the cost of materials and labor for each pallet racking system, based on typical application. Obviously, prices could vary significantly depending on your specific requirements, and don’t include delivery. However, this guide will be able to give you an idea of what your system could cost.

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What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? We get a lot of calls from people using very different terminology to ask about the same thing. In the material handling industry, there are many words and terms used for one specific product. In this post, I’ll discuss a few common warehouse terms, what they mean, and their alternative names.

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Flue Keeper
Other Pallet Rack Accessories to Know

We all know that accessories can completely change your pallet rack system and how it works with your applications. We have previously discussed some common accessories for pallet rack and how they can improve your storage, like pallet supports, pallet stops, and rack protectors. Today, we will go over a few lesser known products to see if they are right for you.

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How Do Seismic Zones Affect Your Warehouse?

Modern warehouses incorporate increasingly taller storage equipment and pack in more inventory for high density storage. While this is good in terms of business, there are other factors to consider when you are planning what kind of pallet racking to get and how to lay it out. You need to make sure you know the local requirements before you design a new warehouse storage system. Seismic zones can change what you need and throw your calculations off.

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Wire Deck
What Size Wire Deck Do I Need?

We often get questions from people who aren’t sure what size wire deck goes with their pallet rack. Since wire decks are a very common and important component of pallet racking, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the sizes and how to measure it.

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Fourth of July Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is a fun summer holiday celebrating the birthday of the United States. Since many people gather together for the festivities, safety is very important. Here are a few safety tips for activities closely associated with the Fourth of July.

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The Different Types of Warehouse Mezzanines

You already know that mezzanines are a great option for increasing the storage and work space in your facility. But did you know that there are several different types? Here are four mezzanine styles that can be utilized in your warehouse or distribution center.

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Wire Deck
How Does Load Distribution Affect the Capacity of Your Wire Deck?

Wire decks are commonly used as support on selective pallet rack beams. Besides getting decking with the right dimensions, do you know what the right capacity is for your deck? What about how different loads will affect its capacity? After reading this post, you should have a better idea of the basics of wire decking.

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Tips for Buying and Permitting Used Pallet Rack

Used pallet rack can be a great option for your warehouse storage. There are advantages and disadvantages as I discussed in the previous used rack post. In this one, I’ll discuss some tips for buying used rack and if you can get a permit.

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